About Us

Dinant is a family-owned agribusiness and consumer products manufacturer founded in Honduras in 1960. Dinant produces snacks, cooking oil, fruits, vegetables, soaps and detergents that are sold throughout Central America and the Dominican Republic, and exported to global markets.

Dinant’s oil palm farms and processing mills in Northern Honduras are located in the fertile Aguan and Lean valleys, where organized crime, insecurity and land invasions are an ongoing problem. By fully implementing the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights – unofficially since 2011 and as a full member of the VPI since 2022 – Dinant has proven that it is possible to operate successfully, honestly and transparently in a very challenging part of the world.
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Our Team

Dinant is proud of its Honduran heritage, products and employees. We have created thousands of well-paid, sustainable jobs and significantly improved the skills, education and health of the staff.

Dinant’s operations directly employ 7,800 people – who in turn support over 22,000 family members–as well as many thousands of contractors,vendors and suppliers. We generate many millions of U.S. dollars in exports for the Honduran economy, and contribute significantly to the economies of all regions and countries in which we operate. Dinant sources significan tmaterials and equipment from the United States and Europe.
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Our Operations

Dinant has invested considerable time and resources in modernizing our security, enhancing the natural environment and engaging peacefully with local communities.

Dinant’s largest operational sites in Honduras have received BASC certification for our safe business practices. All our facilities have ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 in recognition of our environmental management systems and occupational health and safety. Dinant’s palm oil extraction mills and farms have maintained ISCC EU and ISCC Plus for the sustainability of our raw materials and products, the traceability of our supply chain, and our control of greenhouse gas emissions.

Community Engagement

Dinant is the first Honduran company and the first agribusiness in the world to join the VPSHR.

We are committed to recognizing, taking responsibility for, and fixing our mistakes professionally and openly, and learning from them. Our regional Community Grievance Mechanisms – established in collaboration with local people - provide members of the public with multiple simple, safe and reliable ways of communicating with us.

We are undertaking a feasibility study of purchasing coconut oil produced by the Garifuna, an ethnic community of mixed African and Indigenous heritage, for use in the manufacture of our soap bars.

Enhancing the Natural Environment

Dinant protects many thousands of hectares of tropical rainforest at two Wildlife Conservation Centers in Honduras. As our palm trees have matured, our organic practices and reduced use of artificial fertilizers have allowed flora to flourish, providing wildlife with better nutrition, shelter, and corridors.

We invest heavily in growing high-yield varieties of palms that can be harvested more easily and require less land. We help many thousands of local independent producers – who account for an important part of our palm fruit supply – to increase productivity through training and technical assistance, such as sharing our high-yield varieties at cost.

We have constructed a high-tech biogas recovery unit at our oil extraction mill in Aguán that uses biomass from the waste of the palm fruit to produce both clean energy that is returned to this self-sufficient facility and steam that is used to power the boilers. This facility has generated over 121 million m3 of biogas since 2008, reducing the use of fossil fuels by nearly 10 million gallons.
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Voluntary Principles Initiative in Practice

Armed trespassers are invading private farms, damaging businesses, stealing produce, and threatening local people and jobs in Northern Honduras. Dinant is in dialogue with the Government about bringing the armed trespassers to justice peacefully, returning private lands to their rightful owners.

Dinant acknowledges that some parties do not share our opinion regarding the land conflicts in Honduras. Under the framework of the Voluntary Principles, we are committed to doing all we can in partnership with the Honduran Government, civil society, and financial institutions to find a peaceful and just resolution to the fragile situation in the Aguán, with respect for the lives of all individuals and in compliance with all laws.
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